It’s Easy Going Green! 10 Tips to Help Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Hey guys! What’s goin’ on? Today I’m going to talk to you about my 10 ways to be nicer to the environment. I’ve seen recent trends in a zero waste life style, which looks super interesting, although it may not be tangible for many of us. So here are some easy tips to get you started on your green journey. We only get one Earth right?

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags: This is such an easy switch you guys. I keep these in my purse and in my car. Not only does it help reduce your plastic intake, but if you haven’t noticed, reusable shopping bags are waaaaay cuter than Walmart bags. I have one with different cats wearing glasses on it. How cute is that?!
  2. Recycle: Another easy one, but sometimes this gets pulled to the wayside. Once you start to get in the groove of these habits, it will become second nature. Recycle your paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and containers and glass and metal can be recycled in some places. A great incentive for you guys to recycle comes from soda cans. Depending on where you live, if you recycle them, you can get 5-10 cents each. Another benefit of recycling is that when you recycle something, it can be turned into something else. I have a reusable shipping bag that is made from eight plastic water bottles.
  3. Pack your own lunch: This tip saves you money and the environment. Packing your own lunch allows you to know exactly what you’re eating, saves you money since you’ve already bought it, and reduces the plastic waste you might get if you order take out for lunch. If you want to get really fancy, you can use Tupperware or cloth bags to store your food. This is another way you can reduce your plastic intake.
  4. Reusable Water Bottles: I live and breathe by this one. I have a water bottle with me at all times. One of the criteria of me getting a new purse was, “Will m y water bottle fit inside?” Having water on you at all times keeps you hydrated and will remind you to drink more often. This will also save you money because you won’t be buying plastic water bottles for $1.29 whenever you get thirsty. You can also bring a reusable travel mug when you get your coffee in the morning. Simply ask the person behind the counter if he/she could fill your cup instead. This reduces your waste significantly.
  5. Shop Secondhand/Vintage: Buying clothes secondhand or vintage is a great way to reduce your footprint on the environment. The clothes you’ll find while thrifting are more often than not things that no one else will have. You may even start a trend. Plus, most clothes while thrifting are very inexpensive. So you’ll save money and the environment.
  6. Wash your clothes in cold water: By lowering the temperature of your water, you’ll save 3-5% on your water bill annually. The clothes come out just the same, don’t worry. Most washers have a temperature setting near the knob. This will save energy as well, because it uses more energy to create warm water than cold.
  7. Turn the lights off when you leave a room: This habit is super easy and cost-effective. Whenever you leave a room, simply flip the switch. You don’t need the lights on in there anyways. This will again save you money on your electric bill and the environment.
  8. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth: Are you guilty of leaving the water on while brushing your teeth? And where does all that water go? Down the drain. It’s not being used, so why waste it? All you have to do is turn the handle.
  9. Unplug unused items: We all have that lamp in the corner of our rooms that we never use, but is always plugged in. Unplug it! You’ll save so much money and energy unplugging your unused items.
  10. Pick up litter: This one may not be as easy for some people. I know, trash is gross and you don’t know who’s touched it. But it’s much nicer for the environment and everyone else, if you clean up. Even if you see one napkin on the ground and pick it up, that’s making a difference. There’s been a recent trend called Plogging, which combines jogging and picking up litter. What a great way to stay fit and keep the environment in shape.

Do you have any other tips on being green? Share them down below and thanks for reading!


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