YouTube as a Resource

A few weeks ago, I posted about the website SkillShare. SkillShare is a great resource, but could get pricey. Today I’m going to talk to you about using Youtube as a resource. It’s free! Well, the internet isn’t free, or the device you access it on, but you get the idea.

YouTube is a practically limitless resource when it comes to learning how to do things. You can learn anything from crafts, makeup, how to re-tile your bathroom or how to save money (Self Promo here because I make money saving tips videos. Check me out @AbbiLuczynski).

I also like using YouTube as a resource because usually the videos are short. SkillShare is great if you really want to dive deep into a topic, but if you want to learn how to wing your eyeliner, you don’t need a four hour lesson.

What have you used YouTube for? Do you learn things from it or do you watch for fun? Let me know down below and I’ll see you guys next Saturday.

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