Shout Out to Prisma Color

Calling all coloring fans! This one’s for you. Prisma Color colored pencils are THE best pencils to draw, color and create with. Their soft tip is almost like clay, which makes them great for blending. With 150 different colors and shades to choose from, your creativity can flourish endlessly.

In my personal collection, I have a basic 12 pack, a more expansive 48 pack, a 32 pack for regular coloring as well as water color, a prisma color eraser, sharpener, and a Prisma Color Coloring kit from Target, which includes 18 pencils, two illustration markers, A BLENDING PENCIL and a mini coloring book.

I love coloring with these pencils. I’ve recently looked into better coloring techniques that include different methods of shading, highlights and more realistic textures. Prisma Color pencils will allow me to achieve these goals.

Here are some things I’ve colored with Prisma Color pencils:


Have you ever used Prisma Color pencils? What about their other supplies? Let me know what you think down below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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