Brit + Co is KILLING the Game Right Now and Here’s Why

Brit + Co is one of my new favorites brands. Started by Brit Morin, this brand is all about empowering women to do more with their hands. Brit wants women to create more than weeknight dinners. She wants us to 3D print earrings or make clay bowls for our kitchen.

Along with a fabulous line a products (I’ll get into those in just a minute), Brit + Co has many social media pages including an app and a website.

  • On the app: I would describe the Brit + Co app as Pinterest meets Facebook. There’s a constant newsfeed of articles, each of them categorized. You can then favorite the posts you like the best. These posts range from anything like making sweatpants that are acceptable to wear to Thanksgiving, to Empowerment articles on Self-Love and confetti, and I mean, who doesn’t love confetti?
  • On the site: The Brit + Co website is essentially the app on steroids. With the inclusion of DIY posts and where to get the must have gifts, there are craft classes offered. I want to take all of them! There’s knitting, bounce lettering, sketching and even some business oriented class like how to take good product photos.

Brit + Co has a product line available at Target, as well as many other places online. the affordable kits give you everything you need to make the craft advertised on the front of the box. I love that everything is included. I recently purchased a stamped plate necklace kit and I’m so excited to use it for holiday gifts.

Another great item from Brit + Co that I’ve been loving are their planners. Target had them on clearance FOR LESS THAT $5. Craziness, I know. These planners come with a basic monthly outline, showing a full calendar spread and then a weekly spread. Three reasons why these planners are awesome:

  1. They come blank on the inside so you can truly customize your planner making it the way you want it. Whether you want a minimal style, glitter stickers and scented markers or something in between, Brit + Co planners are perfect for someone who wants options. Theses are also good for someone who decides he/she wants to get into planning in say March. You can start it from anywhere.

2. The inside label of the planner has a code on it for a FREE CLASS. How cool is that? I heard on a podcast with Brit Morin that every Brit + Co product has a free class code inside, so I’ll have to check.

3.  This might be the best part of all. Guys are you ready for it?……..There are coloring pages in the back of these planners!! I screamed when I saw it.






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